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Vote for Founding Chief, Indra J. Acharya

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Mr. Indra J. Acharya is selected as a candidate for 'Quality Citizen Award-2010" from International Organization for Quality Management.
Please, vote him and help us to internationalize our mission.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Working Areas of Students’ Quality Circle

Working Areas of Students’ Quality Circle:-

As Students’ Quality Circles (SQC) is oriented to create problem-free-student’s-society contributing towards promotion of Quality Education as well the personal life of students, SQC have its’ involvement in the following actions:-
· Solving student’s problems from their own level, if not possible by consulting intellectual, elders, etc.
· Promoting quality education enhancing to promote personal attitudes (positive attitudes).
· Creating positive feelings among the students.
· Motivating more numbers of students to get involved in SQC Activities, so that they can be self-oriented.
· Creating mutual co-operation and respect among the teachers and students.
· Implanting the mind of co-operation, co-ordination and respect among each other in establishing social, political and economic justice in society.
· Establishing Quality Thinking and Thinking Quality promoting Quality Concepts.
· Giving impacts on the future of students on the social, mental and intellectual as well as economical activities, so that they could take care responsibility for their contribution to make a better living environment for themselves and for others.
· Conducting different types of activities leading to better future and exploring the means which improve the quality of life in more prosperous and peaceful world.
· Organizing excellent events to develop future performers as TQP who are expected to be perfectionists in establishing a peaceful society.

Objectives of Students’ Quality Circles.

Objectives of Students’ Quality Circle:-

As Students’ Quality Circles (SQC) are established to share the experiences between each other contributing towards partnership strive to solve the problems through mutual understanding, co-operation and respect among one another, the following points can be considered as the objectives of SQCs:-
01. To develop the following characters among the students:-
a. A positive outlook.
b. Awareness about good practices to attain excellence.
c. A skill to use problem solving techniques.
d. Development of interpersonal skills.
e. An objective approach to solve problems.
02. To increase the creativity power among students through various programmes.
03. To conduct and run various programmes because of which the mental, intellectual, social and rational aspects can be developed.
04. To identify the problems of students and suggest possible ideas for its solution by using appropriate tools and devices.
05. To expand the talents of students that enhances better future of students.
06. To endeavor to find out the possible ways of reforms in an educational field.
07. To create an environment where we can protect the students from possible discriminations, exploitations, misconducts and anti-social activities.
08. To conduct and run various programmes because of which the TQP can be prepared for the betterment of world in nearby future.
09. To take part in solving student’s problems according to the group decision.
10. To create a conductive environment of self and mutual development.
11. To make students aware of Quality Concepts from their early stage of life.
12. To enable teachers, administrators, students and parents to understand, initiate, institutionalize and sustain SQC as an integral part of Total Quality Management in academic institutions.
13. To expand Global Network of professional friendship and develop synergy for challenges ahead.

Introduction to Students’ Quality Circle (SQC):-

Introduction to Students’ Quality Circle (SQC):-

Students’ Quality Circle (SQC) is an effective medium for the students to accomplish the building of personality. It is an innovative teaching-learning method.
SQC is the medium for the students to share and learn knowledge on quality education. It is the best way for the students to analyze their own problems and solve them from own level. It can further be determined as the process of creating necessary environment where teachers, students, parents and community work towards developing students in a manner that would be highly productive and contribute positively to the society. In fact, SQC is a learning community as a group of students who come together with a willing spirit to learn and support one another in order to achieve success.
SQC is also the process of developing positive attitudes among students towards their peers, teachers, parents and society. It is also an effective medium for enhancing personality characters like self-confidence, emotional stability, communication skills, team spirit, problem solving attitudes, commitment to work and desire to excel.
City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, India was the first school to adopt the quality circle in education as Students’ Quality Control Center (SQCC). Founder of CMS, Mr. Jagadish Gandhi and Dr. (Mrs.) Bharti Gandhi introduce SQC concept in an academia with an educational philosophy, “every child is potentially the light of the world as well as the cause of it’s’ darkness, wherefore must question of education be accounted for as of the world as well as of primary importance.”
The different international Quality Organizations like Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), International Organization for Quality Management (IOQM), World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE), Quality and Peace Education Center, International Academy for Quality, QUEST-Nepal, etc. are conducting various awareness programmes, seminars, workshops and training about SQC among parents, teachers and students.
In the present scenario, the standard and quality of person has become the first causality in the race for the acquisition of material possessions. In this blind race, the character building and spirituality has been totally neglected with the result that man no more cares for the good of others. He has become selfish, ignorant and cruel about the real purpose of his life on earth and indifferent to the service of mankind. The purpose of starting SQC to make every child a good and smart, the gift of God and nature to mankind and pride of human race, as the ultimate goal.
In the present context, the different institutions and organizations like City Montessori School and CARITAS-Nepal are imparting quality education catering for material, human and spiritual requirement of children in order to make them Total Quality People/Person. Through this, we can feel that the educational institutions all over the world should strive to make every child, a TQP so that they may become internally Good and Smart.
SQC’s concept in an academia is a milestone to create student’s overall personality development. It is very important for all to accept a noble cause of building TQP for future. This facilitates us to learn and share ideas and knowledge on Quality Concepts and to collaborate to develop Quality Consciousness among each other.

Student's Column.

My Opinions:- SQC and Me.
  • Mr.Madhav Poudyel.

Riverside High School,

North Carolina, USA.

SQC (Students' Quality Circle) is an organization of students that strives to solve the problems faced by students through co-operation, co-ordination and collaboration among the eachother. These three term has there own defination,where co-operation is an association made for a common benifit, co-ordination is to bring forward common action among partners and collaboration is to work jointly together in team and share the benifit among the team members . SQC is a way to teach students to make them able in three particular fields mentioned above. It is the way of quality management,which is an opportunity to discover their invisible potentialities and use them in some important fields. SQC is the process of solving students problems by making them able to identify their problems from their own level. It is also the effective way to become Total Quality People (TQP) via Total Quality Management (TQM). SQC helps the students to achive exellence in their study as well as in their life by transforming their ordinary level into Qualified Level. SQC is an important method to develop the tools among oneself to overcome shyness, to increase confidence and leadership power. SQC help student in different fields. I am very much gladful to be recalled as SQC practitioner in this modern equipped world .
(The writer is Ex-Treasurer of United SQC in BREP. Now, he is working as USQC Contact Person for USA).

Meaning of Total Quality People/Person (TQP).

Meaning of Total Quality People/Person (TQP).
According to Prof. Syed Ali, the Advisor of World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) of USA, the Total Quality People/Person (TQP) can be prescribed as follows:-
  • Smile more often.
  • The expressions, the body language and entire posture as far more important and have more far reaching implications then the words.
  • Maintain right attitudes.
  • Personal image matters; a good appearence excudes confidence and create favourable impressions if we are people of impeccable integrity. Our reputation travels ahead of us.
  • Effective communication. Communication is saying what has to be said with elegance, grace charm and class.
  • Time management.